Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Super heros run the Great North Run 2012

Great North Run

So the Great North Run was totally awesome even though it was 13.1 miles (otherwise half marathon)

The whole idea of the super hero customers was just totally amazing, me and my better half dress up, never in the world of Sundays.

So how did we do, I did the race in 2hours 40mins and my better half in 2hours 45mins, and I can gladly say I did run all the way round, only time I stopped was to have photos taken, wouldn't you, Miss super women, you need to soak in the supporters, and the start was awesome,

We actually got to hi five Mo Farah and Ellenor Simones (Double gold medal holders)

and after that I was hi-fiving all,

So why Super heros? One may ask

The drive behind the themed fancy dress was the cape, and wanting to do something special as well as raising funds, a bit of a thank you and just to remember those special babies

So why remember our special babies, no matter what gestation, those babies were a part of us, from the day we conceive was the moment we felt the love, the love for that baby is so overwhelming, so image when those special babies go to soon.

Hence why I picked super woman, so I could do something special for those special babies and there families.

So you wondering what did I do, well on my cape I had 47 ladies have there angel names printed on including of cause my special angel as follows;-

1. (my daughter) Sinead Speakman15.04.10
2. (Karen Redford) Baby Angels: Heather Elizabeth Redford 19/8/2010 William James Peter Redford 18/05/2011
3. (Sharon Wilson)  Baby Angel: Gabrielle 10/09/10
4. (Vikki Hadfield) Baby Angel: Sammuel Jacob 28.3.09
5. Nadine Hall ) Baby Angel: Mason Leigh Hall 18.10.11
6. Sarah Egan ) Baby Angel: Freddy Egan, 02/03/2011
7. (Sam Bennetts) Baby Angels:  Kydd Bennetts 18/04/2012 & Pixi Tinkerbell Bennetts 25/12/2009 
8. (Kezzy N Dainton) Baby Angels: Keiron Dainton-Smith 16/01/2010, Corno Cobby 04/2009 & Yogo Valley 08/2008
9. (Barbara Liesveld Baby Angel: Daniel James-Liesveld 9th March 2011
10. (Mandy Beth) Baby Angel: Brayden Altemier 4-17-11
11. (Sarah Velzian) Baby Angel: Mia Louise Doyle 19.04.2010
12. (Heather Cassidy) Baby angel: Paige Cassidy 02.10.2012.
13. (Nataliee Hancox) Baby Angel: Harry James Cook 15.02.2012
14. (Maria Black Was Martin) Baby angel: Samuel Tristan Black dob 04/04/2007 to (angel date) 07/04/2007
15. (Julie Herbert Card): Baby Angel: Lucas Michael Alan Card 25/07/2009 
* 16. (Kerry-ann Treacle Hutchison): Baby Angel: Paige Herbert's. 21/08/01 Lucas Kevin Jackson 11\02/09
17. (Holly Elsdon-Smithers: Baby Angel): Arthur Rowan Elsdon-Smithers 14/04/10 to 15/04/10 
18. (Laura Barham): Baby Angel: Isaac Barham 22.09.20111
19. (Jane Underwood:) Baby Angel: Jacob William underwood and his d.o.b-04/08/2012
20. (Sarah Wilbraham): Baby Angel: Baby jake 3/2/11
21. (Helene Jones)Baby Angel: Annabelle Mills, stillborn 04/02
22. (Vicki Wilson): Baby angel: Michael Wilson dob 20th Feb 2011
23. (Nikki Stanway): Baby angel: Joseph Paul Stanway-Woodburn 08-08-09
24. (Stana Cepkova) baby angel: Matilda Maria Lewis 17/04/2010.
25. (Jo Baudrey baby angel): Lily-valentine Baudrey 17/10/2006
26. (Karen Redford) Baby angel: Beth Rochfort 10/02/2012
27. (Anna Lísa Björnsdóttir) Örlygur 8 April 2012 
28. ( Leanne @AchingArms) Baby Angel: James Turner-Bowes 14.05.2009
29. Emma Hall; Baby Angel: Grace Hall 21.05.10
30. (Nora White) Baby Angel: Emily White 06.09.10
31. (Lorna Templeton) baby angel: Ruaridh Palmer 30/5/11-1/7/11.
32. ( Caroline-Kayleigh Doy ) Baby angel: Riley David Samuel Bagster-Doy, d.o.b 24th May 2010
33.(Becky Hawkins Was Marter) Baby angel: Bethany Grace Hawkins, 22nd April 2010.
34.  (Zarah Bowden) Baby angel: Thomas Bruce born 29-12-11 at 26.4 weeks grew his wings a few hrs later
35 (Kayleigh Wilkinson) Baby angel: Kaitlin Faith 16.04.2010
36. (SaraVega) Baby Angels: Angelyn 10th July 2008 & Matt Sep 2007 ***surname for both babies only received after this email sent is Proudfoot ****
37.  (Roslyn Young) Elisabeth Young (stillborn on 18th October 2010)
38.  (Emma Jane Cullen) Baby Angels: David Loveday 15/12/05 & James Loveday  12/10/04
39.  Name passed to you yesterday, written on paper: (Kaedee Barrow) Baby angel: Brandon Charles 5th August 2010 
41  (Nadia Wilson) Baby Angel: Henry Morris, 07.08.12
42.  (Tyler Hills) Baby Angel: Kalen Joshua Hills: May 28th 2008
43. (Fiona Braithwaite) Baby Angel: Bailey Braithwaite date of birth is 26th June 07 Date of death 5th June 08
44. (Britney LaVoie) Angel babies: Isla Mattie 08/25/2012 and Mateo Jose 10/29/2011
45. (Lorinda Hernandez) Angel baby:  Kyler Reid Hernandez 09-05-2012
46. (Erika Antinis-Giannetta) Angel babies:  Mullin Giannetta 9-11-12 Jonas Giannetta 9-12-12
47. (Erin Abato Gaston) Angel baby: Claire Susanne 29/05/2011
48. (Sue Marie Kennedy) Angel grandson baby: ( Rhys Ward and his date of birth is 18.06.2008 )

Would like to say a big thank you to all the families who allowed me to do this and it was a honor to have all your angel babies names on my cape, but sad on the other hand that there are so many born to soon :( 

So how much did it cost:-

Thanks to Mega Fancy dress who donated the superman suit, link to webpage: if you are reading this please like there face book just to say thanks for there support:

Thanks to the ebay trader who discounted my superwoman's suit

A special thank you to Ann & Anthony at Totally T-shirts, for there understanding & caring customer service, not forgetting there awesome printing and design of how they printed names onto the cape.
Totally T-shirts based in Stockport, and again if you are reading this please like there face book just to say thanks for there support:follow link to there webpage and face book page

Saturday, 6 October 2012

My pad....Cake & coffee event 3 & 4

My pad,

Day 1 - Thursday - Event 3

No never, so that's what I thought, after a mad quick tidy up, my home was ready to welcome every one in,

Yep I was very nervous, not knowing who and when was coming,

However my yummy mummies never fail me, and of course they turned up, who would not miss Nicki yummy blueberry cupcakes, Kirsty yummy cheese cake and Tasha feet biscuits and petit cupcakes,

This was also Anna's last mummy meeting, as she has now gone to live in pasture new, some people you meet, and they really do touch you.

Just as I was preparing to have lunch, more of my yummy mummy's turned up and next door neighbours, sometimes you just want to pinch yourself.....

Day 2 - Friday, Event 4

Very nervous again, not sure why as you think by event 4

Siobhan great auntie Pat came down to help by minding my princess, who is so very busy these days, growing up too fast.

Then more of my yummy mummies turned up :)

And my last minute letter posting actually worked, and had some of my neighbors turned up that I have never met, sadly one informed me of there granddaughter passing too soon,

So even though the week ended with a high, it does sadden me hearing of peoples losses.

But that is when I know that why I am doing this, so needs to be done.

Not only I'm I raising funds for a great pprom project and charity, it is making people talk, the whole baby loss taboo, so needs to be talked about.

Cake & Coffee Morning At Nicki Toms Home :) Event 2

Event 2, Yummy Cake & Coffe at Nicki Toms Pad.
Nicki Toms offered to do my 2nd event, and kindly open her doors to her pad for all mums and babies. A Wonderful Host, a other great baker :) 

We decided to bake at Nicki's house and let Siobhan and Chloe play, this time we decided to make less cakes as we had lots over from the 1st event.

Nicki made some very yummy tasty Rhubarb, Cherry and Custard Cake, and we both made Carrot Cake, Victoria Sponge. Emma Bannister offered her excellent baking skills and baked Chocolate Brownie and Bakewell cake. 

 Again all of the yummy mummy's turned up and kept use busy till the end, and this time I felt a lot more relaxed and had time to chill out with great company. 

 Our babies decided to all play with the baby slide all at once, like babies do :) So very cute, this time Siobhan decided to have a long nap.

 Overall a other excellent day and even sold the rest of the cakes this time, thanks to Anna Q, and the Women's Group at New Mills Sure centre. 

I am so looking forward to my next event and hoping to organize a bigger event, hoping that Mandy is still loaning the venue so I can do this,also need volunteers and will be also organizing a curry day, need to decide if this should be day time or night time. 

 Really hope I have the confidence to do this, with training as well. Please pray that I can :) 


Friday, 5 October 2012

Emma B's Host Coffee and Yummy Cake Event 1

Yummy Cup Cakes :)  
All The Yummy Cakes :) mmmmmm

Welcome to the Tommy's Baby Charity Ciara & Friend's Fundraising Page
I wanted to share the good work of my friends and write a record of my journey of raising funds for this great charity. I had my first Cake and Coffee morning at Emma Bannister's home, on Friday 1st June 2012. I have to say Emma was a Great host and made lots of yummy cake, chocolate brownie was very yummy indeed. Nicki Read brought lots of chocolate cake, flapjack and cup cakes to the event and kindly watched over my special rainbow baby Siobhan. Helen brought a yummy Lemon Cake. Me and Emma baked on Thursday, Siobhan & Oscar enjoyed playing with the basket of toys and were on very good behaviour, me and Emma spent the evening organising the table and decorating the cup cakes. On the day, Nicki R came round to help, looking after Siobhan and helping with collection of funds, We had thought that no one would turn up at the starting time, but we were all over the moon, when all the wonderful mums and baby's turned up, and it was a constant flow all day :) Everyone loved the cakes, and enjoyed the flow of coffee and tea. The weather was fab and the sun came out, and overall was a very good day. See photos showing our creations. I really would like to say a big thank you to my hosts and friends for all there support :) Following this great day my friend Nicki Toms offered to do my next event watch out for my next blog

Please feel welcome to sponsor me at

1. Just giving page for Ciara & Phil  or
2. Virgin donation page Ciara & Phil (just in case you cannot link to other page)

Event 2 blog; Event 2: Yummy cake at Nicki's Pad :) x