Sunday, 23 December 2012

29th Dec 2012, Art Lounge, great night, fab auction prizes :)

Thanks to all that came, a big thanks to Stella at The Art Longe for holding this event at the last minute,

Thanks to Dave and the Band in Gypsy Jazz who were awesome

Thanks to Bob Auld for doing the auction :)

All together raised £325.00

Anyone still wishing to donate please go to my just giving page: Click here to Donate :)

Hi All,

I have manage to find a new venue for part of my auction prizes, I am looking at doing a other venue in the New Year too, as well as a raffle as I have set myself a massive target to hit,

The new venue will be at The Art Lounge above the Beehive, New Mills on the 29th Dec 2012, starts at 7pm and we have  a amazing band called Gypsie Jazz playing too,

Auction prizes I have are;-

Lot 1:  Family photo session at Tim Hensel Photography, to include a 16"x22" canvas (that's approx 4 times A4)
Lot 2: Signed framed photo of Man Utd / London football player Tom Cleverely
Lot 3: 1 month subscription to New Mills Leisure centre
Lot 4: 7 DAY subscription to New Mills Leisure centre
Lot 5: Martin Jensen Pilates class; 8 classes for 2 people
Lot 6: Micheal Kettlesize classes
Lot 7: First aid course by Kiss of Life
Lot 8: Go karting experience
Lot 9: Dinner for 2 AT Conti Italian Restaurant in Disley
Lot 10: Tour of Torrs Hydro in New Mills, SendTorrs Hydro would like to invite four people to meet in New Mills Heritage centre, visit behind the scenes at the Hydro and fish pass to understand how it all works and why we have a hydro.
This will be followed by coffee and cake in the Revive cafĂ© in New Mills.                                                          
Lot 11: Indian Take out by Shamis Saffron in New Mills.

All money raised will be go to Tommy's baby charity, all in memory of my first born, born sleeping and to do a pre-term project (pprom) to look into researching preventing baby loss, which is the reason behind my high target,

If you are interested in coming or cannot make it but still like to bid, see the attached form, if you can let me know and I will email you the form for you to print it off and fill details and drop of with either Ciara in Chinley or Stella at the Art lounge / Beehive Pub FAO the attention of Bob and marking on it seal bid for items you have placed your bids on,

Anyone interested in coming who wants to secure there place, you can so by donating to my just giving page, all donations go towards Tommy's - pprom research giving page ( )


I am also going to be doing a raffle in the New Year, tickets will go on sale in Jan and draw in April / May time, therefore if you are interested in this or if you can donate or sponsor this please let me know ASAP, needing some big prizes in order for me to sell thousands and spread the news on this wonderful charity, as they help many people like me to become parents, and of course let people win some amazing prizes

Can you let me know either way and I will look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards

Ciara Curran

Tel no: 07877 075976 / 01663 751376
(Just giving page: )

P.S. Please can you send this to all your friends 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Giving pages links if you wish to donate

Giving Pages

Only way I am going to achieve my goal is for folk to generously give, a pound or 2 would be just fine, all pennies count up to pounds, for every pound donated I be a step closer to achieving a massive mission.

Therefore hose that would like to donate and who cannot come to any venues

1. New Giving page 2012-2013 Pre-birth project

2. Just giving page for Ciara & Phil  


3. Virgin donation page Ciara & Phil (just in case you cannot link to other page)

Auction goods with no venue, how to raise funds now?

My main event for this year was sadly cancelled.

Had hoped after this weekend I be having a break from fundraising, instead the stress has been double folded, I have one failure to pull off a good night to show for my hard work,

I need to use all my inner strength to pull myself up after a emotional week of let downs and disappointments, need to focus on the future.

So how do I do that, well the one thing no one thought of was what to do with all our amazing auction prizes, I for one did not want to waste all my hard work, so I been busy trying to source some new venues and looking at the cost of raffle tickets

As I have too many generous donations not to have the opportunity to raise some funds,

My thoughts are that I will see about finding a auction before the end of the Year to auction off local companies auction prizes, and seek permission of all that it is okay to use still.

The top auction prizes, I am hoping they will not mind me turning a auction into a raffle, as this will give me a opportunity to sell a lot of tickets and raise a lot more for Tommy's baby charity,

Not sure if this is the right way to go, but I need to do something positive other wise my dream of working on a pre-term birth project to help prevent baby loss will be a long loss dream, and a whole lot of broken promises to the daughter that I never got to hold.

If any one is reading this, who can either do a auction or help by donating costs for the raffle tickets, or whom would like to donate West End Show trip to either London or Manchester, or a cash prize, or a holiday please let me know.

I am looking at selling tickets for £1 a go, and £5 per book, and looking at wanting to sell thousands of tickets, therefore any one who has a pub, venue who can help please contact me at  or tel no: 07877 075976